Terms and Conditions for Registration

  1. I give permission for the above-named child to participate fully both on and off-site activities and trips.

  2. I give permission for emergency medical treatment to be carried out, should it be required, with the understanding that French 4 Tots Inc. will attempt to contact me at the telephone numbers listed on this form. Having taken all reasonable precautions, neither French 4 Tots Inc. nor any organization working with French 4 Tots Inc. shall be held responsible for any accident or sickness.

  3. I give permission for a representative from French 4 Tots Inc. to share/obtain information about above-named child’s emergency contact as indicated on this form.

  4. The Camp Director reserves the right to send a camper home if in her/his opinion the camper is a risk to the safety or rights of others or who appear to have rejected the reasonable expectations of the camp.

  5. Refunds are subject to a $30 administration fee.

  6. There will be no refund for cancellations received 30 days or less from the start of the registered camp session.

  7. There will be no reduction or refund of camp fees for campers arriving late, leaving early, or who are sent home.

  8. The parents/guardians submitting this application are those having legal custody over the child and are legally responsible for the payment of fees and any other expenses incurred by the child.

  9. I hereby certify that I have read and accepted all the above conditions. The application cannot be accepted without a parent/guardian signature.​

  10. I hereby release the camp organizers from all claims arising in the participation in any activity.

  11. I acknowledge that French 4 Tots Inc. is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.

  12. French 4 Tots Inc. collects personal information about participants in its programs to be able to communicate effectively with and provide services to, these participants and the community served by French 4 Tots Inc. For information about French 4 Tots’ Personal Information Policy, please see our website at https://www.french4tots.ca

Contact: 416-906-3846 Email: info@french4tots.ca

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