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Heading 4



Ages 3 - 6

« Apprends-moi à faire seul(e) »


Our Casa program offers young children a friendly and inclusive environment that promotes discovery, concentration, and self-initiation.  The Montessori environment provides sensory and motor experiences that lay the subconscious groundwork for developing academic skills, where children learn with hands-on activities designed to help them develop physically, socially, and intellectually. Our students become confident in their own abilities as they are naturally encouraged to persevere. Through activities and class environment, kids are able to achieve manageable goals, and correct their own mistakes.



Lower Elementary

Ages 6-9

«La graine que nous semons est la graine de l’espérance.»

This is the age when the imagination develops, allowing children to understand and access what is not visible nor perceived by the senses. In the lower elementary program, children pass from concrete concepts to more abstract thought. The curriculum includes more advanced mathematical concepts, ample opportunity for writing, the use of basic research tools, and introduces the new ability to organize and present information. Students develop these new skills in many areas, including language arts, math, science, geography, zoology, botany, health sciences, and art.


Upper Elementary

Ages 9-12

«L'enfant est pour l'humanité à la fois un espoir et une promesse.»

Upper Elementary students are drawn to the outside world beyond their own community. They have been well prepared by their earlier experiences to approach a challenging curriculum of advanced ideas in literature, history, science, mathematics, and language. Students in this program not only focus on the acquisition of information but are also pushed to think and question the subject of their learning. At this level, students are given increasing opportunities to immerse in topics of interest and to carry out multi-layered research projects.